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A "Sent" refers to transmitting one or more documents to one or more recipients to obtain their signatures.


This article will focus on the sending aspect managed through the web application.


The following steps need to be followed:

Within this web application section, you will find a comprehensive list of completed signature processes, displaying the current status and detailed information for each one.


The sent list


This page is the central hub for managing all your signature processes. By default, the list displays documents sent within the last 30 days. You can adjust the start and end dates of the query, but the range must not exceed 30 days. 


The table provides the following columns:

  • Status: Shows the overall status of each sending.
  • Delivery ID: The unique identifier assigned to each signature process. If an ongoing signature process shares the same ID, it is automatically cancelled.
  • Signatories: Displays the status of each signatory, grouped by levels.

It also shows a timeline of each signatory's involvement in the signature process.

  • Date of delivery: Indicates the date and time when the documents were sent.
  • Expiration Date: Marks the point at which the documents are no longer accessible.
  • Signature Type: Specifies the type(s) of signature used for the documents.
  • Documents: Provides buttons to download all the necessary documents related to the signing process.

 This includes the original documents, signed documents with signature marks, and evidence documents—globally and individually for each signatory.

 It also allows for direct download of the global documentary evidence.

  • Actions: Provides options for managing ongoing signature processes.

Actions: Provides options for managing ongoing signature processes. You can manually send reminders, choose between planned reminders or create new ones, select the communication channel, and specify the recipients. For each signatory, it is possible to send 10 emails and 3 SMS messages. 

Cancel delivery


A sending can have one of the following statuses:


  • Signed: All necessary signatures have been collected, indicating the completion of the process.
  • In Progress: The sending has been initiated, but not all required signatures have been obtained yet.
  • Cancelled: The delivery has been cancelled.
  • Error: An issue occurred during the signing process.
  • Expired: The document did not receive all required signatures within the assigned time frame.
  • Exceeded Disposable Code Attempts: One of the signatories entered the one-time password incorrectly multiple times.
  • Declined: One of the users declined to sign the documents.

The filters

Located above the table of signature processes, there are filters available to search for specific signature processes or groups of signature processes swiftly:


  • Delivery ID: Filters' signature processes are based on the characters present in their IDs.
  • Email: Retrieves signature processes that users have received with a specific email address.
  • Mobile Phone: Similar to the previous filter, but based on the mobile phone number.
  • Templates: Filters all signature processes that follow the same template.
  • Status: Displays signature processes that are in a particular status. This includes the previously mentioned statuses and a new one called "Joint Signature," which shows signature processes containing a level where the required number of signatures has been achieved.
  • Signature Type: Shows signature processes with the same signature method.
  • Date: Allows you to select a date range of up to 30 days.


The Export button generates and downloads a .csv file containing all the data of the filtered signature processes.


The timeline provides a visual representation of the signing process for each user. It graphically displays the various events that occur throughout the process, along with relevant information for each event:


  • Process Start: Shows the signatory's ID, the process ID, and the start time.
  • Process End: Displays the time when the user has signed, along with different messages depending on whether that signature signifies the completion of a level or the overall process.
  • Initial Email or SMS and Notifications: Specifies if the delivery has been made, whether it is certified or not, the email address or mobile phone number to which it was sent, and the delivery time.
  • Disposable Code Entry: Indicates the delivery time, whether it has been delivered, highlights if it's a certified communication, and provides recipient information.
  • Reminders: Sent reminders.
  • Last Visit to Signing Page before Document Signing: Displays the date and time of the user's last visit to the signing page before signing the documents.

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