a) Basic information needed to submit a support ticket:

  • Service used: Click&Sign

Environment used:

  • Username, to access the web tool or “user” parameter of the API.
  • Date of the sending . See “Sent list”,> “Date of sending”.
  • Identifier of the template of the sending . See "Template Management", > "ID".
  • ID of the sending.See “Sent list”, > “Sending ID”.
  • Email and / or phone number of the signatory (or signatories) in international format. See “Sent list”,> “Signatory data”.

b) Additional data if the service is used through API

  • "User" parameter used in the API.
  • API URL (api_endpoint).
  • The request of the call. If possible, next to a screenshot.
  • The response of the call request. If possible, next to a screenshot.
  • Date and time the request was made. If possible, attach application logs.