Clicking on "Sent list"  the status of messages sent are displayed  by colour and icon on the left side line of the list. The status of the sending is displayed in the tooltip placing the mouse on the colour line:

Icons and colours displayed to identify the current status of a sending are:

Final status showing the contract was  correctly signed by the signer. Once this status is displayed, the documentary evidence will be ready to be downloaded within minutes. (see question 10).
Intermediate status displaying the sending is waiting for the signer to access the website and to be signed. (see question 12).
Final status displaying that an error occurred during the sending (see question 13).
Final status displaying the sending has been cancelled (either from the web or via API).
Final status displaying the sending has exceeded the time limit to sign (see question 3).
Final status displaying that the signer has exceeded the number of attempts to sign with an incorrect OTP.

It is possible to get additional information about the status of the SMS and the email of each signatory via API. More information at: