Registry of senders for international SMS delivery

Modified on Wed, 15 Nov 2023 at 01:33 PM

Sending international SMS with personalized senders may require the registration of such sender based on the country and carrier, as well as local regulations. These measures are implemented to exercise greater control over SMS traffic to that destination and ensure the authenticity and legitimacy of the transaction.

In the country coverage found at, you can see the different conditions that apply to each destination. These conditions are determined by the respective operators. The most common conditions are explained below:

  • Preg. Alpha Sender: Registration of the alphanumeric sender you want to use is required.
  • Full Dynamic: Senders of any type (alphanumeric and numeric) are accepted, and these are delivered without modifications to the final recipient.
  • Alpha Dynamic: Alphanumeric senders are accepted, and these are delivered without modifications to the final recipient. In case of receiving a numeric sender, it is replaced by a generic alphanumeric one (e.g., InfoSMS).
  • Numeric and Generic Alpha senders not allowed: This means that numeric senders are not accepted, nor are generic senders that do not describe the entity sending the message.
  • Long Code (LC): Messages are delivered with a long numeric sender from the destination in question.
  • Short Code (SC): Messages are delivered with a short numeric sender (4-6 digits).

Here is an overview of the process for registering a sender:

  1. Identification: A destination is detected where there is a need to register the sender for proper functioning. In this case, contact indicating:
  • Destination where you want to register
  • Alphanumeric sender that the client will use
  • Sample of the SMS content
  • Company name and website.

        It is important that the sender represents the company that generates it in the best possible way.

  1. Documentation: In general, the above data is sufficient, but certain countries/carriers may require more details. In this case, support will indicate the documents that need to be completed.

  1. Acceptance: Once all the necessary documentation is available, it is submitted to the final carrier for review, and we await confirmation of the transaction. Keep in mind that the registration process may take days or weeks, and in some specific destinations, it may involve associated costs. For more details on costs, please consult with your sales representative."

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