How to send a Registered email

Modified on Mon, 17 Jul 2023 at 02:45 PM

When we developed our registered email service in 2011, our main objective was to ensure a seamless user experience, regardless of the platform, application, or device used. 

Our solution is designed to be incredibly user-friendly and has been patented in fifty countries. 


Sending a Registered Email

To send a registered email, simply include the registered email address in the "Copy" field (often labelled as "Cc" for Carbon copy).

Please note that the recipient will receive the original email and the registered copy.  

It is important always to include the registered email address in the "Copy" (Cc) field. If placed in the "Blind Copy" (Bcc) field, the message cannot be registered. 

The attachments

If the email contains any attachments, they will also be registered. 

The maximum size for a registered email, including attachments, is 20 MB, divided into segments of 5 MB each. This means that a registered email of 7 MB will be treated as two separate emails (5 MB + 2 MB), and a 14 MB email as three separate emails (5 MB + 5 MB + 4 MB).

Multiple Recipients

A registered email can be sent to as many recipients as the platform allows. Each recipient will be treated as an individual email. For example, sending the email to 5 recipients will be considered as 5 separate emails, and a unique evidence document will be generated for each recipient.  

Recipients listed in the "Copy" (Cc) field will not incur additional charges but will not be included in the evidence document.  

The documentary evidence

Documentary evidence is automatically generated once the registered email is delivered to the recipient's server This document certifies the existence of the communication and can serve as valid evidence in legal proceedings. 


The documentary evidence includes the following certified information: 

  • The senders’ electronic address
  • Sender's email address
  • Recipient's email address
  • IP of the destination mail server
  • Date and time of the sending
  • Time and date of the delivery
  • Subject and content of the email 
  • Attached documents and files


The documentary evidence are kept for 5 years and can be downloaded at any time without any extra cost. 


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